Lombok Earthquake 2018. I’m out of my mind! (First day)

You peoples must already heard about lombok earthquake that happened in 29 July 2018. And yes that was very sad to hear. Short story, 4 days after the earthquakes happen. I decided to bought a plane ticket to lombok as a volunteer. No preparations, no plans, a lot of work to do but only eagerness to help peoples there. FYI, i have no idea what i’m going to do or i’m going to sleep in Lombok because i have no one that i know. One thing in my mind only peoples in lombok need help and i want to help.

So i was in Lombok from 8 August until 14 August. I took transit plane from Semarang –  Surabaya – Lombok. I was in Surabaya about 5 hours. In 5 hours i managed to find recruitment for volunteers for Lombok earthquake that opened by one of the Islamic Student Organization in Lombok. I was happy at first because their programs was so good and i’m so ready to help! After i was invited in whatsapp group i find a friend from Semarang too. Her name is windy (pretty girl, love hiking, but a crazy one. She only brought one set of underwear for one week in Lombok! thats just crazy enough for me). Im arrived in Lombok airport about 4 pm and then i took DAMRI Bus to go to Lombok City. It’s only 30-45 minutes depends by the traffic. But at that time the road was so empty because of the earthquakes. The locals was afraid to go outside and almost all of tourist already evacuated to safer place. After i arrived at the city, windy promised me to pick me up at the bus station. She was with a Gojek driver that give me and Windy free ride because he know that me and Windy is volunteers to help Lombok earthquake victims. What a nice guy! I really wish he got good fortune.

After i met with windy, because of something that can’t be told. Me and Windy decided to not join that Islamic student organization. And because its already dark, we decided to find a hotel to stay that night because it’s too dangerous if we go to basecamp that day. We approached about 5-6 hotels because we want to find hotel that safe to stay. It’s really dangerous if we stay at hotel in second or third floor because you know lah, it’s difficult to run away if earthquake happened again that night. Especially with fat guy like me lol. There is a few guest houses that give free place to stay but we choose to get more comfortable hotel to take a good rest.

First funny story at Lombok, just after we ready to sleep i check my friends whatsapp status, and i saw an update from coordinator in islamic student organization that said that windy, my new friend that i just met and sleeping next to me (Oh yes, we slept in one room but different bed to safe money lol) is a missing person and he also stated that she died that evening…………….I was shocked and confused. Which one should i believe. Did i was sleeping next to a ghost or the update from the coordinator is a hoax.  Have you ever in condition asking a person “hey, did you just die? Which one is true?”


Continue soon!


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