Living cost in Bali

How much is living cost in Bali?


“is it possible to live in Bali with a mid-low salary? 

“how much is the price of food there?”

“There are a lot of foreigners, everything must be expensive there”

I got few questions like that from my friends after I moved to Bali about 2 months ago. Well honestly at first I felt pessimistic. especially with my salary now. because with the amount of my salary now if I still live in Semarang I can still enjoy life while drinking geisha coffee regularly hahaha.

I got inspired to write this article after reading Jenny Jusuf’s blog. What she wrote was pretty clear to describe how to prepare a budget for living in Bali. But in this post, I will write my version. So enjoy and I hope this post can help you if someday you live here or maybe today you already planning to move here 🙂


There are lots of choices. For example price range in the area of ​​Denpasar. From the price of Rp 500,000,- until Rp 2,500,000,-. More expensive the price, the more complete the facilities will be. Boarding house with a price of 500,000 – 1,000,000 is usually equipped with an inside bathroom, kitchen inside, with room size around 3×4 meters. Some are equipped with air conditioners and also available parking for cars and some not. But almost all boarding houses with this price range do not provide mattresses and cabinets, so when you arrive, be prepared to spend extra money to buy it. But with that price sometimes you will also find a place with outside bathrooms. This is one tip from me if you want to find a place with cheap price try looking near the campus. As for boarding houses with a price of Rp 1,000,000,- until Rp 2,500,000,- most of them are already complete with bathrooms with hot water, kitchens, mattresses, cabinets, tables, air conditioners, wifi. Room size was varied, from 4×5 meters to 5 x 10 meters. You can find more ads on Facebook Group or Instagram.


good food = good life

do you agree with me?

The price of foods here also varies. Cheap food that is my favorite here is nasi jinggo. The price is only Rp 5000,-, indeed not as cheap as Nasi Kucing ala angkringan in Jogja or Semarang or other places in Java. But the portions are more and the taste is more delicious. Maybe because nasi jinggo wrapped in banana leaves compared to nasi kucing which wrapped in scrap paper lol.

More food choices? There are a lot of cafes, restaurants or bistro. But I’m not used to buying food in cafes, restaurants, bistros or other instagramable places. Why? because my salary doesn’t allow me. I’m not picky when it comes to food. It’s not important if the food is spicy, sweet or salty because most important about food is LARGE PORTION!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Places to eat near campus usually have cheaper prices than places to eat in tourist attractions like Kuta or Ubud. Just explore places to eat near where you live until you find one that suits your taste and your wallet 😉

Lifestyle, Entertainment and Pleasure

I agree with what Jenny Jusuf said“Keunggulan besar tinggal di Bali dibandingkan kota-kota lain adalah … well, it’s Bali. You don’t need to spend much on entertainment”Hang out on the beach? buy it in Circle K or bring your food and beers (spend money for parking only Rp. 1,000,- – Rp. 5000,-). You can find many kinds of entertainment here. From night clubs to cool breeze of mountains and Batur lakes and also hot springs. The price is still affordable as long as you don’t go every day! : D


I guess that’s all I can tell you, I live in a boarding house with a rental fee of Rp 900,000, – (empty room with air conditioner, beyond the electricity and water cost). I bought my bed and cabinet. It’s cheaper and later when I will move from Bali, It will be sell again wkwk. Oh, I didn’t include transportation costs here because I bought a used motorbike when I arrived in Bali. It’s more flexible and my job needs me to have it my own.

My favorite place for entertainment and holiday here is the beach and go to a coffee shop (obviously). Usually, I go to the beach at weekends and enjoy the sunset with a bottle of beer in my hands. Sounds lovely right? My favorite coffee shop so far is Secondfloor Bali (this place has a great signature drink, fast wifi and not too crowded) and Karakter Kopi (the only coffee shop near my place that provides geisha coffee and this place always crowded every day).

If you want to ask anything about living in Bali, I’m happy to answer or give you any recommendations. Just comment below or say hello here 😉 or maybe let’s grab a cup of coffee, shall we?

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