What is Social Media Exposure and Why Influencers Bragging and Selling it.

About 2 weeks ago, twitter users in Indonesia about to explode after well-known Social Media Influencers tweet about exposure:

she already deleted the tweet

And the responses are just perfect,

Are you smart enough?
This meme always cracks me..

I’m not saying that it’s not allowed or even banned by the law. And I’m not saying it’s fair for the business owner either. But if you understand what she is doing or what kind of feedback she willing to give as one of the biggest Social Media Influencer in Indonesia (4,6 M Followers on her Instagram, 196K followers on Twitter), it’s kind of make sense why she does that.

So, what is the exposure that social media influencer sells to you as a business owner?

Social media exposure is an important part of your internet campaign but is not the only technique that is used to make your online marketing success.

But I’m going to explain it this way:

Social Media Exposure is 100% Brand Awareness

Yes, of course, you can disagree with me. But here, I’m trying to explain Social media Exposure from the Influencers side.

How it works:

When influencers post your brand or your product in their feed or their stories, their audiences or their fans from many kinds of peoples or you can say it’s your prospective buyer, they see it. and now, they know about your brand and also your product.

Now my question, after their audiences see it…..

Did it give you traffic to your landing page? By how much?

Did they engage with your brand? By how much?

Did their audiences actually buy your product?

Can you give the exact number from their audiences that convert to buying your product?

I guess nobody can’t give the exact right answer.

Because it’s too random and sometimes it also depends on the trends of the internet.

Do you understand what I’m trying to explain?

If not, or you want to add something, I’m very open to discussion. Hit my DM on Facebook, Instagram or coffee with me?

I will try to explain more on the next post, maybe a few tricks on how to get more sales with influencer marketing.

Thank you for reading this!

Your friend from another office,

Adhika Susilo

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