Social Media Marketing Strategy for your Hotel!

Step by step to build a social media marketing strategy for your hotel business. I recommend you who work as marketing communication but did not have digital marketing basic at all to read this. Get your coffee and here we go!

1. Build your team!

No, you can’t do this alone. If you think social media is just getting some good photos and then post it. You better slap your face first and wake up. Most of the Hotel Manager did not understand this. Social media marketing is changing. And I can say that they always level up their game every time.

How many people you should get in one team? I will recommend peoples with these skills in your team. Consist of photographer, videographer, graphic designer, copywriter, analytic, and strategist. Some peoples maybe have 2 skills in one person, for example, I have few friends with photography and also graphic designer skills, but make sure if you want him or her doing 2 tasks in one time, he or she really understand what you want and your goals. Because if you want make an outstanding social media marketing, you want every idea coming and make them come true right? And in the end, it will make you reach your goals.

2. Know your company and product and the lifestyles behind it.

How far you know your product and also your brand? Like the history of your company? The up and down that your company faced since they were born. What you can learn from it? What kind of content you can bring to your audiences from it?

What is your product? What kind of peoples purchase your product? Why they buy it? When they buy it? How is the process of purchasing your product? What kind of peoples purchase your product? Why they buy it? When they buy it? How is the process of purchasing your product?

Make sure you know the answers before you continue to the next step!

3. Audit your Social Media Channel

Know yourself, know your customer then Innovate.

Take a look at where you are. Ask these question and answer it:
– Which channel are you currently active on?
– Are your channels already maximize to the full extent?
– Which channel bringing you the most value and revenue?
– How do your profiles look for you and your audiences?
(Ask a few friends and get some insight from them)

4. Create Audience Persona

Knowing who and where your audiences and what they want to see on your profile is one of the keys to creating content that they will like, comment, and share. You will want to get as specific as possible with this part. Don’t make assumptions. Get more data on your social media insight. Which content that gets most likes, comments, shares, reach and impression. You can use that as a starting point. To create an audience persona, answer this question:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Income
  • Relationship status
  • Favorite social media they use & when they use it.

5. Set a GOAL

Set a goal. There are a lot of goals out there. Make sure you have a specific one at a time and make a deadline for each of it.

Your goals could be awareness, engagement or conversion, depends on your current situation right now. You have to put your social media marketing strategy at the right funnel. Read more about Digital Marketing Funnel here. You and all your teams need to be in the same line to reach this goal. And don’t forget to set a timeline on your goals.
And also prepare details for your next goals!

6. Research your Competitors & Get Inspirations!

Your competitor may get a step ahead from you, but it’s not that bad because actually you can learn from them. Yes, learn from them! Which channel they use and which one is getting the best feedback from their audiences, what kind of content they usually post, what time they post. Because maybe you have the same targeted customer. And remember this, don’t copy-paste their content, innovate their contents!

Get inspirations from your team, your boss, your sales team (because most of the customers engage with them directly), and other peoples who work in your company. Get useful insight from them!

7. Create your Unique, Engaging & Original Content.

“Content is the King”

You must have heard of this saying before, and yes it’s true. Content is your weapon on the Internet, it’s what you present to the world. It’s how the universe sees your brand.

Unfortunately, most social media teams in hotel businesses jump straight to this step. Don’t be like them, okay? Choose what kind of content you want to post. Is it photos? Videos? Blog post? Article?
Put every resource you have in this step. Every skill and ideas. Connect with each other to make outstanding content that will get your customer’s attention. Support your team, buy some lightroom presets for your photos, get every related hashtag and put it in your caption, use emoticon or gif if that’s not ruining your brand image. And engage with your audience. Reply to every comment, say thank you if they share your content. Give your audience feedback for every traffic coming from them.

8. TTAAO (Test, Track, Analyze, Adjust, Optimize)

Test some content first, make a few good and not so good content and post it. See how your audience reacts and learns from it.

Track your content. Either it’s good or bad, see how far your content go. Is it share-able content? Did it make your customers go to your goals or landing page?

Analyze your content. Did your hashtag get enough reach and impression? Which hashtag gives you the best result? Did your caption make your customer engage with you? Analyze which one gives you best and bad result

Adjust your content and strategy. Take away bad things, apply every part that gives you good results to optimize your social media marketing.

Personal Tips:

  1. Invest in Social Media Management Tools. I recommend you to use Later. Their price is cheaper than most social media tools out there. And their analytical tools are great too! One of the features I like is hashtag analytics. Later can show you which hashtag that gives you the most reach and impression. I use it to manage 4 social media account and they work really great!
  2. Don’t talk about you, Talk about your customer.
    The statistic has proved that user-generated content is the most engaging content. For me, I have a strategy about user-generated content but my situation right now, makes me can’t do that. Maybe next year? If the trend is not already changed lol. You want to discuss and talk with me about this? Hit my Facebook and Instagram DM!
    Or coffee with me?
Your friend from another office,

Adhika Susilo

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