Social Media Manager in Hotel Business Checklist

Are you just getting started with a social media plan for your hotel? Need a checklist to help you maximize your social media marketing strategy? The listing breaks the essential tasks down for social media manager for a hotel business. In this checklist, I will explain how to get the best result engagement while maintaining brand value on your social media campaign.

  • Strategy

Having a social media marketing strategy will help you execute your goals, and how you measure success. And also, your strategy can be used as a guide to keeping you on track with the value of your business.

  • Links

Without a link in a social media post, you’re keeping your audience to not moving them towards a landing page, booking page, or promotion. The links on your posts complete the message that you’re trying to deliver.

  • Clear Message – The Power of Images

It’s easy to write social media posts that sell. But, it’s much harder to craft ones that provide engagement. As a social media manager, you come to a
complicated road of social media. On one hand, you’re trying to deliver the value of your business and on the other hand, you want to convert many leads for sales.

It is a research-proven that we rely on our emotions, to purchase a product or service. And also because of this, personalities that companies take on biggest impact the customer decision process. Trend of social media marketing strategies now about creating a conversation with your
customer, and getting to know them personally, just as you do in real life.

Don’t forget that your audiences are human, and humans are highly visual creatures. Research shows that an estimated 90% of the information that comes to our brains is visual. So, if you’re not using the best images you have as part of your social media post, you’re doing it wrong.

  • User-Generated Content

Many of today’s top resort and hotel brands are already using User Generated Content as part of their marketing strategy. The most common use of UGC for a hotel business is for social media posts, website and also their advertising campaigns. Because instead of just telling guests about your beautiful pool, you need to show them from the customer perspective. Photos of an empty pool on a perfect sunny day are less helping them imagine themselves there enjoying it.

  • Hashtag

Hashtags have different relevance and utility on every social media platform. As a result, under or over-hashtagging your content could have a negative impact on your social efforts. Some hashtags are definitely more popular than others, but popular is not always the way to go. You want to reach a targeted audience. Rather than trying to come up with hashtags all travelers are searching for, use those that only some are searching for.

  • Analytic

After you launch your social media strategy, if you don’t take the time to understand what is and isn’t working, all your efforts will be for nothing. Make an effort to understand what your guests are saying about your brand, combine that with your analytics, and you’ll have the best formula for a powerful marketing campaign.

  • New Trends and Ideas

There’s much to consider when developing a marketing plan for your hotel. The scope and opportunities are massive in our current climate. The truth is, there is no one-fits-all tactic to get social media marketing campaign success. A tactic that’s working great now probably not get the same results in a few weeks. As a result, you should always be testing and experimenting with new ideas. Stick to your brand message and your marketing strategy so you did not get lost in the way

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