Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers.

Yes, you did not read it wrong. And I know most of digital marketer or social media manager will get annoyed (or mad) by this article, but this is just an opinion of mine. Based of my research and experiences.

You must be understand how difficult, tough, hard, burdensome and demanding it is to get more followers organically on an super duper competitive platform like Instagram.

And I really understand if you are tempted to buy yourself a package of followers to look more popular on this platform. But do you know what will happen when you buy it?

Before I continue, feel free to do a quick research on IG Audit to see if your most favorite influencer or favorite brand have 100% real account followers.
Have you check them out?
Yes, according to your own research even most of blue-checked profile only have 40% – 60% real account followers.
There is high possibility that they are not buying those Instagram followers. The possibility are they are bots who follow big name users to attract another users. Since Instagram usually suggests big names to a new user, as it doesn’t yet recognize about their preferences. And another are inactive accounts that are being sold by third-party apps. (you can easily find and purchase their service at the e-commerce platform).

Whether you’re an influencer or social media celebrity who wants more legit looks on your profile or brand who need more leads, the idea that you must have a big number of followers to be taken seriously, has been on your KPI’s reports for years. (sigh). Vanity metrics like the number of followers are important. And it’s just about appearance (sigh again).

Buy It Now!

Here’s the thing. By adding fake followers on your profile, you will look more legit and probably you will taken more seriously by your audiences.
The ugly part, you have to sacrifice your engagement metric.

You can only buy fake followers (I call it fake followers because yeah most of them are fake accounts and will be disappear at any time) when you already have deep understanding on your sales funnel. And at least 1K instagram followers.

Where is your landing page?

Where is the purchase happen?

One of the best benefit of having more than 10K followers on Instagram is the Insta story–swipe up features. Which is can directly linked to your landing page.

So you have the good base of 1K followers, which around 5% – 10% of them is your customers. And the rest is your prospective buyers or audiences who just love your content (yeay for this) and by adding swipe up features will make your audiences easily find your landing page which is more likely convert to become customers.

Finally, never forget that buying followers violates the terms of service, so there’s always that risk that Instagram could just suspend your account. (what a waste of money). If you have 10K Instagram followers but just ten or eleven likes per post, it won’t take long for people to realize that something is fishy.

To be continue…

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