My Greatest Achievement (?)

A life of learning…to unlearns everything.

Achievements are the building blocks that enable someone to construct a sense of themselves as a success. The achievements that matter most combine to form a version of success that has meaning and substance for the individual. Achievements also provide tangible evidence that colleagues, competitors, and the wider world use to judge a person as more or less successful.

As human beings, achievements are everything in today’s modern world. It is the single most definitive subject that evaluates our worth and our value. But what human being tends to fail is realized that we achieve subtle things even without realizing the same. Simple kind little things like putting a smile on your parent’s face, pampering them with gifts, making your friends and loved ones laugh are some of the many examples of the same.

Achievements can be classified as:

  1. Personal (Includes families, friends, loved ones, and relatives)
  2. Academic (School and College)
  3. Work and experience. (This is the most important?)
  4. Hobbies

Different people find different achievements compelling, so it is no surprise that there was variance in the achievements that were seen to hold the greatest value in the modern’s world. There was also a perspective that achievements could be transitory, highly personal, and evolve over time. Regardless, clear patterns did emerge. Because of mismatches between the perspective of the achievements that are traditionally viewed as markers of success and the ones that participants valued the most.

For some people, the meaning of achievement is loads of money, expensive cars, branded outfits, fame, thousands of social media followers, or luxurious travel. If this is what achievement means, a lot of people are screwed. They’ve got nothing. Their whole life was a lie. Money, house, and a good lifestyle are also important and are something everyone is working their ass off.

Suffers in silence. Cries in the corner.

My achievements aren’t very astounding or even interesting — indeed, they’re rather bland and lukewarm in the overall scheme of things.

Looking at every 2020 circumstance, for me living a healthy and happy life is one of the greatest achievements in life. I am living a healthy life by Allah’s grace and I am very grateful and thankful for it.

At the age of 20, I became a Stage Manager at the biggest Choir Event Organizer in Indonesia. It was entirely on my passion for the choir music at that time, not even on any job experiences.

At the age of 22, I opened my own ice cream shop! Even though it didn’t end really well but I miss it so much and I learned a lot from it.

And then, I bought my first home in Semarang at age 25. Of course, I had to ask my parents to chip in but well … let’s not talk about that, I’d never imagined that today it’s become so much precious!

Learning a lot of practical skills and becoming part of a profession. Even I graduated from a very different path from what I became now.

Improved my communication skills with people, learning how to improve my relationships with friends and family. I’ve managed to make friends on whom I can bank upon at any point in my life. They’ll be there for sure. And trust me, it worth more than your private jet.

The other greatest achievement I have gained is My Peace of Mind. Fortunately, I have somewhere achieved it this year as a blessing, and no one can disturb it. I think I have achieved something that is really and really important in this modern’s world.

Humans have been literally playing with their brains and made their life miserable. I don’t even give a fuck whether I have something or not. I celebrate my existence and the only thing I know to keep this body alive is my peace of mind.

We can proudly say we are the most comfortable generation that has ever lived on this earth. But can we claim we are happy, calm, peaceful as well?

For a second, just stop and take a quick glance around, what do you see my friend?

You see people, in a rush, in chaos, in a hurry, in a chase for nothing specific but anything which would help them grab attention from everyone, that being said I find myself on a whole different level than others, for me, the biggest achievement means nothing but having a sense of satisfaction by developing my personality and skill set which would give me a better sense of understanding of everything around.

So why do I or we need this? Because I have observed that the people nowadays are more concerned and are constantly under pressure to impress others and figuring out what did they lack in the first place which doesn’t make anyone notice them. And to be honest, this is something of an inferiority complex, which people nowadays are infected with, you don’t need to impress anyone for the sack of attention which might last a couple of seconds or for a word of praise which apparently is of no good use and probably sugar-coated. Instead, learn something new, widen your vision of the world, interact with the people around who possess good knowledge, and can give you wise counsel when you need it. Do not reveal yourself fully to anyone, don’t disclose your innermost secrets to others, let there be a mystery around you, this would get respect, a dignity which you are worthy of, a sense of accomplishment which towards which you worked hard. Never put efforts to make other people notice you, strive hard to improve yourselves and everyone will come after you.

I’m not totally saying that you should become a selfish or individual person. Help the people you care about the most. Understanding and satisfying those, both in yourself and in your families, friends, and lover is key to surviving in a modern sense. This means navigating the opportunities and threats of today’s world, communicating and influencing effectively, and achieving what you want for yourself and your environment.

So before I rest my words I can conclude what was the biggest achievement for me, living life itself and to earn a place in the society which made a mark on everyone because of my honest efforts and a life guided by non-compromisable principles which makes the best out of me in every situation. I am glad to have this calm state of mind. Nothing is more important for me than my existence. I do not panic about my problems, either I look beyond it and think of the worst-case scenario. Does it take my life? If yes, what are the best solutions to it?

Can we call it something biggest achievement? For some of you, it may be nothing and for some, it may be.

I think that’s quite enough bragging for one day, don’t you?

Much love to all, stay safe, wear your mask, and take care of yourself.

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