Why your niche is not working, yet.

So you found your niche – that’s sound awesome. but turns out that was only your first step.


This is a general mistake I see common making. It’s not enough to select “food” “trashvel” or “sport” as your niche and think that your followers will just roll in. The fact is there are millions of these accounts and unfortunately they will not follow your page.

And then you will find yourself on an eternal treadmill and exhausting trying to engage with enough people to get them to engage back. But there will be no actual people who are actually interested in your feed.

Posting a picture in attractive places, branded outfits, or a couple tips will only take you not too far from where you started.

So what you should do? GO DEEPER.

You need to realize your niche is just your base. Now it’s time to figure out your focused niche. What specifically do you provide that can help people in your focused niche?

For example: do you show how people can eat sustainably? Maybe your focus is on diet food or even junk food, and then you provide all the best tips to beginners on where to go or what to bring. Or maybe you show people how to eat sustainably?

Would you mock me if now I said you need to go even deeper? Because that’s what exactly you should do!

There are many focused niches – and you probably are not going to completely re-invent the wheel. Perform market research. Research with google or youtube or social media and check out the pages of others even the competitor. Write down things you like and things you dislike. Limit it down until you find what makes you special and different in your focused niche.

The best way to optimize your niche is to ask a person who has already done it. By all means, is HIRE ME. Learn from the mistakes, learn from their experiences, and done the research. Find someone who can walk you through it.

A few critical thinking questions for you to ask yourself.

  • What is your focused niche?
  • What gives you that differentiating factor?
  • When have you done your research? or are you just winging it? Because it’s not something that you can’t decide only by observation.

Until we meet again, stay safe my beloved friends.

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